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Viva to launch its newest 21.6 MBPS high-speed internet in stores Sunday

In an effort to fulfill its promise to provide the latest in the mobile internet technology, Viva telecom announces the launch of its high speed internet service.

  From 05/09/2009 to 05/09/2009

On this occasion, Eng. Najeeb Al Awadi revealed that Viva had just finished conducting essential network development to support the offered high-speed internet reaching 21.6 MBPS, which is the latest GSM technology available.

This speed has been registered in 60 locations across Kuwait; other test users registered 14.4 MBPS in other locations.

Al-Awadi mentioned also that the successful launch of this service necessitates "fine-toning" the network to enable the users to enjoy a speed ranging from 14.4 to 21.6 MBPS By Sunday. It's important to mention here that the speeds represent theoretical peak speeds. And that Actual experience may vary due to network configuration, hardware, software, local conditions and other factors.

"We are driven by our customers' desire for the latest in communication technology," mentioned Eng. Al Awadi. He also noted that the only motive behind this success was the insistence of Viva to grant our clients with unique and excellent services.

Al Awadi revealed that more surprises are to come and extraordinary services will be offered to all our clients to prove once again that Viva is amongst the leaders in the communication industry.

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