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The lawyer of Nizar Zakka sent a letter to the General Secretariat of the Arab League asking for its intervention.

The lawyer of Nizar Zakka sent a letter to the General Secretariat of the Arab League asking for its intervention.


On November 20, 2017, Attorney Antoine Abu Dib sent a letter on behalf the Lebanese citizen kidnapped in Iran, Nizar Zakka, in which he stated that the Arab Lebanese citizen was kidnapped in Iran in 2015, while he was on his way to the airport by people wearing civilian clothes. It appears later that these people are members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Nazar Zakka was responding to an official invitation from the Iranian Vice-President to take part in a lecture on awareness of the United Nations goals on sustainable development.

Nazar Zakka is still in Iranian prisons to date. He also stated that the competent ministries and the Lebanese security services have not issued to date any official statement, even to condemn what happened to this Lebanese citizen. And they did not take any step that would free him, except for what was done by Prime Minister Sheikh Saad Hariri by raising this issue during meetings with official Iranian visitors.

Nizar Zakka is the Secretary General of the Arab Organization for Information and Communication (IJMA3), which includes organizations from all Arab countries, and works on the development of information and the elimination of the digital divide.

And that this situation, (inviting a person under an official invitation and being kidnapped by the host country), has not happened in our modern history and this can be easily verified. Abductions and hostage-taking are acts that are described as criminal or terrorist acts. Nazar Zakka is still a hostage in Iranian and his health is deteriorating day after day.

Adding that if Nizar Zakka has resorted late to the League of Arab States, it is because he had some hope that the Lebanese state will assume its obligations towards its citizens, but it did not.

Finally, he wished the Arab League to work on the liberation of Nizar Zakka as the comprehensive reference of the Arab countries by presenting this issue to the members of the Arab League and to the competent international authorities, especially the United Nations and its Human Rights Commission and the Security Council, and taking the necessary measures against the Islamic Republic In Iran, because the Lebanese state will not take any such step for reasons known to everyone.

As for Independence Day, Nizar Zakka said to his lawyer, that he hopes his case would be an opportunity for the Lebanese state to show real independence in his relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in a manner that would lead to its liberation from Iranian kidnappers. If it does, it is a sure step towards real independence.

Regarding what the President of the Lebanese Republic said about the existence of an umbrella protecting every Lebanese, Zakka wondered if this umbrella operates in Iran. Nizar Zakka also wondered why, to date, the Lebanese state has not taken any step that would liberate him. This may raise questions about the position of some state agencies regarding his case and their connections.

These questions are the consequence of eight hundred days he spent as hostage in Iran, without any official public statement by the Lebanese government statement regarding his case. This violates the most basic principles and international laws and human rights.

Beirut November 23, 2017

Respectfully, Antoine Abu Dib Attorney at Law
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