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Member's Benefits

PITA protects its members’ investments in the areas of information technology and telecommunications through programs designed to:

   Promote and facilitate the exchange of current industry information among members.

   Identify and address members' emerging needs.

   Monitor and appropriately direct PNA legislative and regulatory policy and its development.

   Proactively influence technology and infrastructure developments.

   Provide professional support for IT suppliers.

   Business Development Training.


PITA membership adds real value to your IT company’s bottom line. 

TAKE A LOOK at the many ways PITA helps IT firms to grow: 

·        PITA promotes and facilitates the exchange of current industry information among members through…

     Our Web Site - Your 24-hour source of industry news, association events, member contact information, links, downloads and much   more.

     Our Membership Directory - Gain free international, regional and local exposure for your company and its services through one of our most important publications.  We will help you to create a high-impact member profile that will be circulated at industry events, international trade fairs and on our 24-hour a day web site.

    Our IT Magazine - Your firm's paid advertisement will reach thousands of IT colleagues, industry suppliers, potential international joint venture partners and affiliated IT organizations across Palestine and throughout the world.

·        PITA identifies and addresses its members' emerging needs through…

    Our Full-Time PITA Staff - PITA's Executive Director and professional office staff are at your service, providing critical day-to-day liaison between member firms and the PITA Board of Directors.  Members needs and concerns are quickly relayed for speedy response and follow-up.

    Our Board of Directors - PITA's Board is 100% volunteer and is composed of PITA members like you - Palestinian IT industry professionals concerned with the growth of their companies and the growth of the industry as a whole.  Board membership is open to any dues-paying Full Member.  PITA has established bylaws and abides by a comprehensive governance procedure manual.  We welcome the active involvement of all members who are ready to work together to advance our collective industry interests.

·         PITA monitors and strives to appropriately direct PNA legislative and regulatory policy development through…

  Our Key PNA Contacts - PITA maintains open two-way lines of communication with relevant Ministry representatives.  In this rapidly changing industry and dynamic political environment.

    Our Unified Industry Advocacy Efforts - PITA members understand the critical importance of the creation and promotion of sound legislative and regulatory policy.  PITA stands at the forefront of a key industry sector in Palestine in its awareness of the need for effective lobbying, consensus building and strong policy advocacy efforts.


PITA proactively influences technology and infrastructure developments with…

    Our Access to Industry Information and Breaking News - PITA represents almost half of the IT firms working in Palestine and our numbers are growing every day.   Most of the industry's key players are part of the PITA team.  PITA utilizes every opportunity to positively and proactively influence the technological and infrastructure advancements shaping our industry.

    PITA provides professional support for IT suppliers, and we Help You Get the Job Done - By providing an up-to-date list of pre-approved IT service industry vendors and suppliers, PITA saves it members the trouble of "reinventing the wheel" each time a new project arises.  Our business networks are available to you to help locate providers of key industry services at a fair price.  Members share information on reputable dealers and suppliers of IT services through the Business Inquiry Page of the PITA web site. 

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