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ICT 4 Development Projects

The main purpose of Ijma3’S ICT 4D Division is to engage global citizens in dialogue and advocacy. ICT 4D plans to engage “global citizens” in dialogue, advocacy, or the contribution of funds, acknowledging that actions as well as financial support have value in building awareness, understanding, and support for the poor and needy through non-sectarian and effective assistance programs. 

Click on any of the below projects to view its description.

Projects in Lebanon and other countries in the MENA region: 

PICTA Academies

The Platform Project

Learning Enhances Awareness (LEA)

Tawassol Camp

Connected Communities

Empowering Municipalities through Local Economic Development (EMLED)

Center for Excellence (CFE

School in a Box (SIAB)

Creating Opportunity, Building Community

Women Economic Development Through Income Generation (WEDIG)

Lebanese Business Linkages Initiative (LBLI)

IT Mentors Alliance Program (ITMA)

IJMA3 Internet Point of Presence (PiPoP)

Rural Economical Development (IRED) Project

Basra International Training Academy

Helmand Agricultural Services to Improve Livelihoods (HASIL)

Regional Broadband Access: Lebanon’s e-North Initiative

South Central Iraq ICT Workforce Survey

Sa'ed Program

Women’s Empowerment Portal

Vocational Training for IDPs in North Iraq

Digital Literacy Training

Community Action Program (CAP)

Palestine Information Technology Association (PITA): Organizational Assistance

South Sudan Feasibility Study

Creative Cluster

Conflict management group portal

Sadr City ICT Training

IESC/VEGA Micro-Finance Advisory Board

AED LBLI Regional Surveys

Women Alliance for Virtual Exchange (WAVE)


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