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Lebanon - Internet Freedom Principles

Commitment of all stakeholders that every person should enjoy the same protection online as off line, as this is a basic human right. The ability of people to exercise rights online freely is non-negotiable, and should not be compromised under any circumstances.  It is critical for economic growth and international investment in the Arab world and enhances employment opportunities for Arab youth who have significant ICT capabilities


B.    The Internet should be available, affordable, and accessible to all in urban and rural areas, with adequate service level regardless of service provider, and all persons should work sincerely to achieve this goal, being a basic human right and that any action to the contrary is contrary to freedom of expression and access to information, including reducing the speed of the Internet for illegitimate ends

C. Ensuring the online accessibility to information and promoting information sharing between individuals and communities including and equally for people with disabilities

D.    Promoting local content and encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation to develop digital Arabic content to meet social and economic challenges in the region

E.    Advocating for the safety of children online in line with universal human rights

F.    Supporting the ability of individuals and communities to exercise their human rights through the Internet and ICT technologies. All stakeholders including governments, regional organisations, international institutions, civil society organizations and other relevant stakeholders will reinforce their efforts in this regard


G. Cooperating in appropriate international and regional organizations with individual countries to promote freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly with respect to the Internet and ICT technologies

H.    Encouraging ICT businesses in the region and across the globe to act responsibly toward human rights, freedom of expression and freedom online,  through adopting practices, as well as policies or statements of principle, that address concerns related to the export and misappropriation of technologies for repressive ends, inappropriate requests for personal data for political purposes, and illegitimate blocking of content, safeguard public and private liberties and to take all other measures necessary to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms on the Internet and through ICT technologies

I.   Encouraging the development of a legal framework in line with this document


J.  Guaranteeing the right to internet freedom, respecting freedom of expression and protection of privacy


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