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Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance with Bridging the Divide

Bridging the Divide (BTD), an international NGO, and the ICT4D (ICT for development) division within The Arab ICT Organization (IJMA3), the regional voice of the ICT industry, have come together in an effort to expand their sphere of mutual activities by sharing principals and strategic objectives.  This strategic alliance is expected to make way for a more dynamic and accelerated process of harnessing ICT towards the promotion of long-lasting partnerships between civil society leaders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and around the globe.  David Holdridge, President of BTD expressed his excitement for the partnership saying “our alliance with IJMA3 ICT4D division will be an accelerator and a multiplier for BTD's effort to increase respect between globally minded citizens and those of the Middle East.”

BTD and IJMA3/ICT4D are already sharing resources and systems under an established partnership for capturing benefits of operational synergies for the purpose of creating a prosperous and thriving ICT sector.  The two organizations work together to bridge communication and social divides while presenting a model and an approach to “new giving” (online giving) that is unique, both in its focus on peace and justice issues and efforts to connect free minded citizens with civil society organizations rather than specific individuals. 
 Together, IJMA3’s ICT4D division and BTD will work vigilantly to ensure the close cooperation with partners and members and provide communities with needs-specific services and assistance. 

Through the use of comprehensive social media campaigns in coordination with offline outreach efforts, making use of social networks, blogs, media websites, and smart-phone technologies, we also prioritize to reach out to the vast global network of people active on these platforms and promote the work of local civil society organizations overseas working for peace and justice.  Under the broad umbrella of IJMA3’s network for the ICT sector in the MENA region and the civil society organizations of BTD’s network in the Arab world, the synergy is expected to reflect benefits for the communities under examination via rights-based approach for social minorities (women, youth, people with disabilities etc.), equal access to education and employment opportunities, access to services, exchange of information and communication for dialogue and advocacy with global citizens away from conventional  patterns of understanding and stereotypes developed after the 9/11 incidence.

IJMA3’s Secretary General Nizar Zakka was enthusiastic about the expanded partnership, saying “BTD and IJMA3’s ICT4D division bring together unparalleled expertise in the methodologies and experience necessary to make a real impact on the pressing social and economic challenges facing the region. I have worked with BTD’s senior leadership for over a decade, and I know of no better team to lead for results. IJMA3’s ICT4D Division brings an unparalleled network of expertise; BTD has deep proven experience in realizing development results. I am truly excited about the potential of this strategic partnership.”

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