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§         Outsourcing

§         Telecommunications

§         Finance

§         Entrepreneurship

§         R & D

§         Investment opportunities

§         Human Capital

§         Regional Cooperation / IJMA3

§         Legislation




This session will focus on various opportunities available to Jordan and region offer to secure a substantial portion of the outsourcing business and attract western firms to the region. Topics of discussion include outsourcing software development and business process outsourcing (BPO).




This session will offer an insight into new technologies and an overview of were this technology is headed.  It will examine new business opportunities available in the region in addition to prospects of major future opportunities as countries open up and liberalize their markets.




The session will focus on the availability of start-up capital in the region, including seed funds and VCs, explaining the purpose, mission, and objectives of the more prominent financial resources available in the region.




The session’s outcome will be a number of recommendation that need to be implemented to convert Jordanian ICT companies from “users of existing technologies” into creators of “new technologies”.


Research and Development


This session will feature a number of nations that have excelled in R&D, and look into the various models deployed within each to create an innovative and creative ICT sector within.


Investment Opportunities


The session will discuss different investment models, such as investments in private companies, government initiatives (e-governments), educational sectors, and social development programs, highlighting several investments made by multi-national firms across the region.


Human Capital


The private sector, multinational corporations and academia will discuss their particular roles and responsibilities in supporting and contributing to build-up future supply of skill sets required to maintain growth and prosperity in the region. A number of national programs to support HRD, such as Jordan’s www.IT.jo will be discussed and scrutinized to assess the affect and success of each, providing a learning experience for others.


Regional Cooperation/IJMA3


This session will look into how this alliance can serve as a model for cooperation between Arab countries in different sectors of development. Speakers include prominent global alliances, such as the WITSA, WSIS and IJMA3  members, and will demonstrate numerous advantages member nations have gained by becoming part of this regional alliance.




The session will focus in particular on each country’s flexibility in terms of changing and updating legislation to provide modern business environments critical to the ICT sector in particular, in addition to the levels of protection investors will be entitled to in each of the respective countries.

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