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United Nation,  Information and Communication Technology, Task Force (ARN)


The mission of the UN ICT TF Arab Regional Network is to provide regional- specific support to, and strengthening of, the UN ICT Task Force in its activities to help bridge the digital divide. By developing collaborative partnerships among all relevant stakeholders in the Arab region, including the public, private, non- profit and multilateral stakeholders, the Taskforce aims to promote decentralized cooperation at the sub regional and regional level.

The UN ICT TF Arab Regional Network will provide regional forums for ICT in development related issues, including strategy, infrastructure, enterprise, human capacity, content, applications and smart partnerships. While performing its mission, the Arab Network will also enhance synergies, complementation and mutual awareness among the regional initiatives, support replicating and up scaling success, and assist in launching ICT- development strategy and mobilize all actors as well as globally- identified gaps and constraints in policy and strategy.

The Arab Network Objective


The main objectives of the Arab regional Network are:

1.   Provide overall leadership to the United Nations role in helping to formulate strategies for the    development of information and communication technologies and putting those technologies at the service of development and, on the basis of consultations with all stakeholders and Member States, forging a strategic partnership between the United Nations system, private industry and financing trusts and foundations, donors, program countries and other relevant stakeholders in accordance with relevant United Nations resolutions.

  1. Seek to advance the broad, internationally agreed development goals and targets of the United Nations, in particular those set up by the Millennium Declaration. Eradication of poverty and the special needs of the least developed and low-income countries. 
  2. Avoid duplicating other efforts but, rather, serve as a catalyst for enhancing synergies and strengthening the coherence of the common effort. To this end, the Arab Network will collaborate closely with the DOT Force process of the G-8, as well as with other global initiatives such as those launched by the World Economic Forum, GBDE, and others. 
  3. Work to harmonize economic and profit motives of the private sector with the human development oriented goals, in order to ensure sustainable results and the harmonious development of a global network society. 
  4. Make a tangible difference in such vital areas as promoting education, combating diseases, promoting gender equality and the empowering of women, youth, the disabled and people living in poverty in general (including, HIV/AIDS, UNITeS, Health Internet work, education of the girl-child and youth employment).
  5. Build collaborative links with governments, the private sector, non-profit organizations, the academic community, multilateral institutions and civil society/NGO community, as Well as with other similar initiatives and activities at all levels. 

Contact Information

TEL:(+962) 6 5669603
FAX:(+962)-6 5696284





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