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ITA signs IT digital literacy contract with Certiport to train civil staff

MUSCAT Information Technology Authority (ITA) on Saturday signed a contract with Certiport for the Government IT Training and Certification (GITTC) project to train 93,507 civil service employees in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Services and Ministry of Education.

  From 03/10/2009 to 03/10/2009

Certiport will provide learning and certification on the global literacy standards of Certiport Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) curriculum for about 3 years. The GITTC is a project under the ‘National IT Training and Awareness (NITTA) framework, which is a government, nation-wide eOman initiative aimed at developing ICT skills and increasing ICT awareness within the government and the community. The GITTC initiative aims to provide ICT training opportunities to the civil service employees in order to enable them to offer electronic services to the public and the businesses.

HE Mohammed Bin Nasser Al Khusaibi, Chairman of ITA and Secretary-General at the Ministry of National Economy signed the contract with David Saedi, President and CEO of Certiport at the Ministry of National Economy.

Al Khusaibi told Oman Tribune “this is an ambitious project and marks a new milestone in achieving and implementing the e-oman initiative that aims to develop ICT skills and ICT awareness. This is an important project and we look forward to provide the training, learning and certification for civil service staff and empower them with the requisite skills. The training will help in providing good e-services to people, he said.

“The agreement with Certiport is in line with His Majesty’s Sulatn Qaboos Bin Said directive to empower Omani people with technology skills that provide a firm economic footing in the face of globalisation and reach out to serve the public through modern means. We are glad to associate with this ambitious project. Certiport has proved its competency in such large scale operations in the pilot programmes run earlier,” Dr Salim Al Ruzaiqi, CEO of ITA said

David Saedi said “the project will create a progression path for individuals, who come in with virtually no skills to move up and gain more skills to be part of the information society.

This is an important step taken by the Sultanate, he said.

This training initiative will truly be borne by the people of the Sultanate. Once we train the instructors and transfer the knowledge to implement and conduct this training programme, the Omani citizens will completely lead the rest of the GITTC programme to success.

“Certiport has many offerings. We start at the lowest level with digital literacy, where people who have never been exposed to computers can begin to understand and use computers,” he said. “Up-skilling of the Omani workforce is key to economic success in the region and the achievement of an internationally recognized certification such as the IC3 qualification will develop and validate employees’ basic computer hardware, software and internet knowledge and skills, measuring their ability to apply these skills and making them more productive in the actual workplace,” said Marie Taylor, Executive Vice-President of Certiport EMEA. Abdullah Moham-med Al Abri, Project Specialist, ITA said that the project will be implemented in three phases in 42 ministries and government entities.

And training will be provided to around 100,000 employees in the Sultanate, with a majority of them from Muscat and Sohar, he said.

In the first phase of the programme, ITA intends to train new job seekers as trainers, creating job opportunities for approximately 200 Omani nationals.

These trainers will then be placed at different schools across the Sultanate to roll out the training programme for the civil service employees in those regions.

In the Sultanate, Global Skills LLC will be responsible for the consultancy and project management of the GITTC project and iPAC will be responsible for all IC3 certifications and technical support and work in partnership with the Ministry of Manpower and ITA.

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