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Algeria’s Premier International Broadcasting, Digital Multimedia and Entertainment Technology Exhibition

Diffusion & Multimedia 2007 targets to become Algeria’s premier specialist international trade exhibition, which brings together in one event all the fields pertaining to broadcasting

  From 25/11/2007 to 28/11/2007

Diffusion & Multimedia 2007

Diffusion & Multimedia 2007 targets to become Algeria’s premier specialist international trade exhibition, which brings together in one event all the fields pertaining to broadcasting, digital multimedia and entertainment technology.

Aiming to become a quality showcase of the latest digital multimedia technology, professional equipment and services for broadcasters, production and post-production companies, Diffusion & Multimedia 2007 is the buyers’ choice event in Algeria, North Africa and beyond. Right from the start when production of content takes place, moving on to post-production process, content management and finally to content delivery, Diffusion & Multimedia is with the broadcasting and production industry every step of the way.

At Diffusion & Multimedia 2007, leading technology and media content suppliers meet their target group of visitors, decision makers from TV and radio broadcasting media; film, video and audio production; cable and satellite distribution; satellite communications and telecom, Internet and VSAT service providers; distributors and traders; government officials; construction, finance and oil and gas.

Diffusion & Multimedia 2007 -
Your ideal marketing & sales platform

Do not miss this opportunity to market and sell your latest technology and products to an expected 8,000 trade professionals from all over Algeria, North Africa and beyond.

Diffusion & Multimedia 2007 -
Convergence and mobility take centre stage

As the line between different technologies continue to blur, mobility proved to be the driving force behind today’s broadcasting technologies such as IPTV, High-Definition, Mobile Broadcasting and Video–On–Demand.

Digital Living 2007: Trends in Digital Home and Lifestyle will see industry leaders present technologies such as IPTV, High Definition, Mobile Broadcasting and Video-On-Demand.

Diffusion & Multimedia 2007
Dynamic synergy with alger telecom and Djaz.IT. 2007

Diffusion & Multimedia 2007 will be held alongside Algeria’s and North Africa’s largest Communications & IT events, alger telecom and Djaz.IT. 2007. Here exhibitors can extend their business network to related industries such as telco’s, ISP’s, government representatives and many more.
Diffusion & Multimedia offers the latest in digital and interactive media and technology, addressing the value chain of content creation, management, and distribution.

alger telecom is Algeria’s major telecom event where the business of technology comes to life, showcasing the latest digital technologies across mobile networks and applications, network infrastructure and satellite communications.

Djaz.IT. showcases the latest ICT applications and solutions for industries such as financial services, government, healthcare, education, transportation and logistics, … answering the needs of the smart enterprise.

Algeria embraces digital lifestyle

Algerian consumers enthusiastically embrace the new digital lifestyle and seek quality products and services. The country is actively adopting mobile communications services, cable, satellite and internet technologies, as well as pay TV services. Cable TV usage is steadily increasing and cabling activities account for billions of US$ per year. Television is the main source of entertainment for Algerians and more than 95% use TV as a primary news source.

Algeria is soon to operate its own satellites in orbit and is linked with adjoining countries via submarine fibre optic cables and overland cables. This sector is ever growing by continually adopting latest technologies.

Algeria is committed to become a modern and open-minded society. High oil and gas revenues together with economic opening, liberalisation and privatisation have created constant GDP growth of more than 5% during the past years.

In 2005, the gross domestic product topped the US $ 100 billion mark for the first time. Algeria's foreign exchange reserves reached an all-time high in 2005 (around US$ 56 billion) when exports of petrochemicals summed up to US$ 46 billion, with US$ 50 billion expected for 2006.

A massive investment program worth US$ 100 billion will help develop the country’s infrastructure and improve the living conditions for the Algerians.

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