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Shaam 2005


  By Syrian Computer Society
  From 18/04/2005 to 22/04/2005
  Place Damascus International Fairground

The Syrian computer society aims to follow up the information affairs and ensure the contact between the interested information personnel and investors and the latest inventions and creations, seeks from this exhibition to reflect this interest. So, from the beginning of 1994, Sham exhibition for information technology became a yearly tradition which constitutes one of the most important exhibitions in the area, displaying the information reality in Syria.

From this point the organizing community didn’t save any effort to serve all facilities, and invite all the related sides to show their best.

The visitor will see in this exhibition many developments; there are Syrian exhibitors, companies Lebanese craft computer society, stands for the inventors, stands for communication and its means, and a special pavilion for sales.

The exhibition occupies an overall area of 14,000 square meters divided into areas for exhibition, administrative services, lectures, sales center visitor's rest areas, canteens, and car parks. The exhibition area has been partitioned into pavilions of different sizes giving the exhibitor the choice to select one or more pavilions from the enclosed Floor Plan.

For more information visit us at: http://www.shaamexpo.com/

Purpose of the Conference

The conference aims at discussing topics and experiences related to the digital divide and the utilization of ICTs for alleviation of poverty, development of remote areas, creation of jobs, development of human resources, and provision of social services.
The conference also highlights lessons learnt from success stories worldwide in this domain to define an optimal methodology for investment in ICTs, in order to promote developing economies.

Conference Topics

Lecturers and contributors should focus on the following topics, with direct emphasis on poverty alleviations:
  • Digital divide: causes and impacts.
  • e-Strategies.
  • Information Society Indicators.
  • Universal service and access to information.
  • Useful, relevant content creation.
  • Human capacity development.
  • Social e-services.
  • Economic growth and job opportunities.
  • Women and youth empowerment.
  • Public-private partnerships.
  • Investment in ICT.
  • Success stories.

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