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ورشة عمل لتحالف الانترنت العراقي بعنوان الشباب و الإنترنت
20/05/2014- 20/05/2014

في إطار حملاته التوعوية حول أهمية الإنترنت في حياة الأفراد ونشر ثقافة حرية الانترنت في العراق، يقيم تحالف الانترنت العراقي مهرجان الشباب والإنترنت
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ندواة تثقيفية حول التحالف العربي للانترنت و أهمية الإنترنت في المجتمع العراقي
05/02/2014- 05/02/2014

أقام تحالف حرية الإنترنت في العراق نداوة تثقيفية حول التحالف العربي للأنترنت و أهمية الإنترنت في المجتمع العراقي.
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Startup Weekend Sulaimani, Iraq
31/01/2013- 02/02/2013

For the first time ever, Startup Weekend makes its way to Iraq on January 31-February 2, 2013. SW Sulaimani will take place at the Parezh Hotel Sulaimani-Sarchna, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
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Iraq Telecoms 2011
25/10/2011- 27/10/2011

Iraq Telecoms 2011 Conference - Istanbul, 25 to 27 October 2011
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Iraq Telecoms 2009
10/11/2009- 11/11/2009
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GIX 2007
01/11/2007- 03/11/2007

GIX is the first trade show ever that will be organized by the Iraqi Government outside Iraq; it is housing some of the leading companies in different sectors, paving the road towards
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Iraq Telecoms 2007
03/09/2007- 05/09/2007

Iraq Telecom 2007 is the ideal place for you to hear first-hand from representatives from the Ministry of Communications about plans for the further development of Iraq’s Telecommunications network and the investment opportunities available in this dynamic sector
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The 4th International Rebuild Iraq
07/05/2007- 10/05/2007

The U.S. Department of Commerce is pleased to certify the 4th annual "Rebuild Iraq" trade exhibition and conference.Last year's event attracted over 1,000 exhibitors from 48 countries and more than 13,000 professional visitors...
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Business Exchange Conference
14/03/2007- 15/03/2007

The Business Exchange Conference will be held at Le Meridien Hotel on the 14th and 15th of March 2007 at DUBAI - UAE ...
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Trade & Investment ShowCase
01/02/2007- 01/02/2007

A conference of the Successes of the Government of Iraq will be held at the Kempenski Hotel in Amman-Jordan by ACC-Iraq & USAID/IZDIHAR in association with Microsoft
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