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Djibouti celebrates International Telecommunication Day

The Republic of Djibouti celebrates on May 17, the International Day of Telecommunication and Information Society, which this year was entitled: "Better Living in rural communities through ICT".

  Source http://www.lanation.dj/

The Republic of Djibouti celebrated on May 17, the International Day of Telecommunication and Information Society, which this year was entitled: "Better Living in rural communities through ICT".

The event enabled the Minister of Culture and Communication, Mr Abdi Houssein Ahmed, to give a speech to an audience of telecommunications professionals and guests.

The Minister of Communications has raised in his speech the relevance of a telecommunications of proximity that will not only promote access to more information but also strengthen economic, social and cultural development of developing countries. A double-ambition towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Mr Abdi Houssein Ahmed recalled this day’s primary objective of which, he said, is to provide an opportunity for all stakeholders in information technology and communication to focus their attention on planet’s rural communities in search of solutions to connect the most isolated populations and thus make them enjoy ICT benefits.

"ICT is now widely recognized as the real drivers of the global economy," the minister added, "they allow economic growth and sustainable prosperity for the country." Also in the rural context, the Minister explained,"ICT provides increased opportunities to earn a living, fight against poverty, hunger, illness and illiteracy."

"These technologies and their online associate applications are key to improving governance and services in rural areas," he said. Building on this momentum, he also indicated that "they facilitate such access to community health care, access to safe water and sanitation services, access to education, Food and shelter as well as improving maternal health and reducing child mortality ".

They allow giving more autonomy to women and most vulnerable social groups and, finally, ensure environment long-term protection. Specifically, it is the public operator and his ministry’s task to implement on the ground the connectivity of all households in inland areas of rural telephone networks as well as GSM through the provision of adapted services benefits withaffordable prices.

Mr.Abdi Houssein has publicly confirmed the postponement of Djibouti Telecom's free time originally set for May 31 to June 30, in the acquisition of the3G USBWi-Fi device. Internet users in the capital will probably be enjoyed by the minister's announcement.

The World Telecommunication and Information Society Day aims to help raise public awareness on the perspectives offered by the use of Internet and I.T.C in the economic and social areas as well as ways to bridge the digital divide. May 17 marks the anniversary of the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention and the creation of the International Telecommunication Union.

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