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Zakka takes case to UN human rights commission

Zakka takes case to UN human rights commission


After decisions of the US Senate, the US Congress, and civil society organizations, Zakka addresses through his family an objection to the High Commission for Human Rights (HCHR), after his case has been completely ignored by the Lebanese authorities for two years now.

Zakka addresses to the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHCHR), through his family, an objection related to the violation of his human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The High Commissioner for Human Rights (United Nations) is a United Nations agency that works to promote and protect the human rights that are guaranteed under international law and stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The family addressed the objection to the following topics:

“As you well know Nizar Zakka was officially invited by Iranian Vice President Mrs Shahindokht Molaverdi to attend the 2nd International Conference & Exhibition on Women in Sustainable Development “ Entrepreneurship & Employment”, within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in Tehran from the 14th to the 18th of September 2015. He was officially invited and given a Visa on his Lebanese Passport, at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut. And on his way to the airport, men wearing civilian clothing pulled him out of the taxi and took him to the State’s torture factory, also known as Evin Prison.

When he was first kidnapped we were left without news of him for several days, upon his arrival to Evin he was subjected to prolonged solitary confinement for weeks even months at a time. The fact that he was kidnapped and then detained for illegitimate reasons shows that this guest was not even considered as a person before the law. Since his kidnapping my dad has been denied his basic human rights, he is deprived of his liberty to this day.

In addition to being denied basic medical care, He was subjected to severe torture. The Lebanese consul was unable to provide its citizen with the necessary assistance in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Just as well he was not even able to choose his own lawyer properly.

We have mentioned many violations of his human rights, furthermore he did not go to Iran for tourism, nor did he simply attend an event, He was officially invited by the Iranian Government, it baffles us how something like this is permitted to happen, when a country can pick and choose it's hostages from anywhere in the world without any consequences.

No Organization, no party and definitely no respectable government has done anything like this in recent history, this is a barbaric act that has already been condemned by many nations.

We fear most that if not dealt with properly there is no guarantee that the Islamic Republic or any other state will do the same to others, with the knowledge that there will be no consequences to such acts of terror.

Nizar Zakka has not committed any offense in Iran liable to criminal prosecution. He received an official invitation to attend a conference, in which he participated as one of the principal interveners.


According to a phone call with his lawyer Nizar Zakka said that: To date, 800 days after his abduction in Iran and his detention as a hostage, the Lebanese state has not issued any statement condemning what happened to its citizen, nor has it taken any action to release him despite repeated appeals. According to Zakka, this raises doubts about the intentions of some parties to work seriously to free him their role in this affair.

Zakka told also his lawyer that he hopes that the return of Prime Minister Hariri and the presence of a strong president of the republic, (he mentioned that he has a lot of respect for both), will prompt the Lebanese state to bring him back home safely, not in a wooden box.

Zakka also added that the Lebanese state cannot ignore the fate of a Lebanese citizen because he doesn’t belong to any political group. It does not appear that the Lebanese state is doing anything in the backstage to free him.

What he is exposed to, is similar to human trafficking, because the purpose of taking him as a hostage is to obtain material and political benefits.

Zakka told his lawyer that he has a lot of indicators and doubts that what he was exposed to, was closer to a complicity process, and that he is now content with this hoping that his case ends at this point.

Zakka asked if the Lebanese state was not ashamed after the US Congress and the US Senate moved in favor of his case while his own country is still refusing to do anything to free him.

Zakka also wondered why, when it comes to Iran, the Lebanese state does not take any official position to condemn, object or denounce, while it does not refrain from taking such position when it comes to other countries.

Zakka finally wondered why public officials who know their powers, have completely ignored their duties and responsibilities, and some of the high officials are refusing to answer the calls of family members and friends asking about his fate and the measures taken to release him or for an appointment for inquiry and not for personal services.

Finally, the position of the family will not be eight hundred days after the abduction of Nizar as it was before.
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