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HSBC launches e-platform for customers

Oman HSBC has introduced Oman's first new e-platform to support the foreign exchange transactions of its corporate clients.

  Source AME Info
  Reference http://www.ameinfo.com/212111.html

HSBC launches e-platform for customers

AME Info Press Release:

The state-of-the-art foreign exchange service enhances the current level of services by providing prices 24 hours a day, five days a week in over 30 currencies.

The fully secured platform allows corporates access to foreign exchange transactions covering Foreign Exchange Spot, Outright Forwards and Swaps.

With HSBC's global footprint and strength in foreign exchange, qualifying corporates (existing clients and non-banking financial institutions) can benefit from the advantages of this new e-platform and will have access to configuring pricing displays with detachable currency pairs, intra-session graphs and immediate online deal acknowledgment.

"HSBC once again differentiates itself as an international bank through this e-platform that provides more transparent foreign exchange deals. Corporates in Oman are now able to benefit and enjoy convenience with this service," said Dominic Ferro, Treasurer, Global Markets Oman.

Other key features of the platform are: speed - deal execution can be done with one or two clicks; flexibility - standard and broken dates can be dealt online for swaps and outright forwards; records - a comprehensive deal log provides online records for trades; control - control functions monitor activity in real time.

In addition, the system can be tailored per user to restrict amounts, currencies or tenors traded, if required; security - all transmissions are protected and data is stored within HSBC's secure network infrastructure; personalisation - pages can be tailored with up to 10 currency pairs per page; cost - there is no charge for deals dealt on the platform and integration - HSBC offers a number of alternatives that enable automated deal entry to risk management back-office systems.


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