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e-payment at courts

Zahir bin Abdullah Al Abri, undersecretary at the Justice Ministry, yesterday signed an agreement with BankMuscat for collection of judicial and Notary Public charges via the e-payment system (sale points).

  Source Times of Oman
  Reference http://www.timesofoman.com/innercat.asp?detail=30156&rand=ImviEsWqhRoevi622ChrtQibve

e-payment at courts

Times of Oman:

The system will come into effect on November 1 at the Supreme, Appeals and Primary Courts, the Notary Public offices at various parts of the Sultanate, Lawyers Affairs Department, Projects and Tenders Department, Experts Departments in the whole Justice Ministry’s courts in various parts of the Sultanate.

Two machines each

The machines will be provided as per the requirements. At least two machines will be available in one department. Upon activation of the system, the cash payment will become invalid.

Mohammed bin Said bin Mohammed Al Hinai, director-general of the Directorate-General of the Administrative and Financial Affairs at the Justice Ministry, said the e-payment service would cut short the time spent by clients and the ministry staff. “The earnings will be collected via the e-payment system at courts, the Notary Public offices, lawyers’ affairs, experts departments, and tenders at the projects’ department.”

On his turn, Dr Ibrahim bin Yahya Al Abri, assistant director-general of legal works and international cooperation at the Justice Ministry, said the agreement’s clauses organise the relationships among its partners for smooth implementation of its contents. The agreement also provided for optimum utilisation of banking cards, he added.

“The agreement also permits those who do not hold a banking card to use their ID’s and pre-paid card as portfolios. One hundred and thirty-seven machines will be fixed at the ministry’s General Diwan, courts and the Notary Public offices,” he added.


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