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Omantel unveils new website

Omantel yesterday launched a new website with several digital services and links, which provide privacy, security and diverse services for the subscribers.

  Source Times of Oman
  Reference http://timesofoman.com/innercat.asp?cat=1&detail=30478


Omantel unveils new website

Times of Oman:

The launch of the website as a multi-purpose online portal is a product of the company’s leading position in telecommunications and information technology and its dedication to satisfy the needs and requirements of its subscribers.

It is also part of the company’s efforts to disseminate the culture of using modern technology in the society and expand the base of broadband users in view of the ever-increasing advancements in information technology.

Meanwhile, the launch would complement the company’s efforts in opening wider horizons for digital transactions. It is also a contribution from Omantel to spread computer and Internet culture in the Sultanate, which has gone a long way in implementing the digital society and the electronic environment that depend on computer and Internet services. Furthermore, the website provides new channels of communication with all categories of subscribers.

The new website gives each surfer a private account. Once the surfer has registered his own information through the online services portal, he will get a username and a password. He can then add his telephone numbers and all Internet accounts.

Through this account, a subscriber can enjoy electronic payment. Furthermore, the subscribers who already have an online services account with Oman Mobile need not register again for online services.

Surfing friendly

During the website designing process, Omantel was keen on making it surfing friendly. It has simplified online measures for surfers and Omantel subscribers. The company has divided the new website into several sections including business, home and personal, travellers and digital services.

The business section provides a package of comprehensive services and integrated telecom solutions including telephone services, the Internet, wireless and other value-added services.

This section enables corporate subscribers to know all that is new in telecommunications and information technology as well as electronic applications.

Meanwhile, the Home and Personal Services Section offers a wide range of different services and telecom solutions. It satisfies personal needs and requirements of fixed line, the prepaid Sahl service, dial-up services, WiFi, the hi-speed ADSL Internet and several other services.

The Travellers Section provides all the information a subscriber needs when travelling abroad, or those who arrive to the Sultanate.

The section includes all communications means covering fixed line and the Internet such as the prepaid Jabrin and Al Ufuq cards.

It also offers roaming Internet service, which allows direct Internet connection and access to the national service providers at local rates.

Additional features

Furthermore, the new website includes all digital services, which enable subscribers to view their telephone bills, outstanding amounts, and unpaid bills. It also enables subscribers to settle their bills through the credit cards.

All Internet subscribers can view their monthly bills and outstanding and unpaid amounts, monthly Internet usage as well as payment dates.

It also includes a media centre containing news and press releases, and the company’s events and activities.

The media centre also includes all commercials as well as an Omantel photo exhibition. It also includes several links related to career opportunities, investors’ relations and important telephone numbers.

The launch of the new website is a new step from Omantel towards establishing a mutual relation with its subscribers, as they can interact with telecom services provided by the company

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