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Int@j introduces seven Jordanian ICT companies to Intel Capital

Int@j, the Information Technology Association of Jordan, conducted an event with the globally recognized Intel Capital, the venture capital investment arm of Intel Corporation, and the event included more than seven companies from the ICT community in Jordan on Thursday July 01, 2010.


Int@j introduces seven Jordanian ICT companies to Intel Capital

ameinfo - Press Release

Feroz Sanaulla, Intel Capital's Director of Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, said, "Intel Capital has a history of pioneering successful technology investments in developing markets to foster growth and innovation. We believe Jordanian ICT companies are well positioned in the region and we are keen on helping them drive technology adoption locally and identify new business opportunities globally."

The event focused on introducing the Jordanian ICT sector to Intel Capital and sharing various business aspects and relations among the various ICT sector companies and Intel.

Since its establishment, Int@j has been exerting a lot of efforts aiming at advancing the Jordanian ICT sector. Int@j has been looking for various partnerships with different institutions on the local, regional and international levels aiming at creating better ICT industry in Jordan, increasing the awareness of ICT services and products and stressing on the benefits of integrating ICT in other sectors.

The meeting included one-to-one presentations by member companies of int@j where they presented their plans, products, services and solutions to Intel Capital focusing on local capabilities, companies' talented resources and value added services blended together towards positioning Jordan as the regional ICT leader and point of access, in addition to the importance of the Mena ICT Forum to be held at the King Hussein Bin Talal Business Park in Amman on Oct 10, 2010.

The Information Technology Association of Jordan is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry-support association founded in 2000 with the aim of improving the dynamics of Jordan's ICT market and developing the Kingdom's ICT related activities and currently holds more than 175 members.

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