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Baghdad Councils Portal - Another success story for IJMA3

Baghdad local councils web portal is considered one of the most professional portals in Iraq.


A new success story added to this history of IJMA3 in the community and sectors development through ICT in the Middle East region.

Baghdad Local Councils Protal is now considered as one of the most professional and beneficial portals that are rich with content and useful information to the citizens of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital.

In cooperation with Inernational Relief and Development Organization (IRD), the Arab ICT Organization (IJMA3) implemented this project that included development of the portal that includes 15 different sectors of Baghdad councils, and for each one, the portal provides a complete website and sub sections.

The technical staff of each one of the 15 councils were intesively trained on the advanced web-mastering and content management skills in Baghdad during July 2011. The portal is now considered as a significant step forward and as a seed to the E-Government concept that sooner or later will be one of the most critical services the government provides to the people.

All the participants and beneficiareis of this project are on regular communication with IJMA3, and IJMA3 is providing technical support to their efforts in updating and managing the content if Baghdad portal.

To visit Baghdad Portal project that was implemented by IJMA3, click here: www.baghdcs.org

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