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‘Oman’s telecom rate competitive’

Broadband and voice service costs in Oman are amongst the most competitive in the region, according to an independent report issued by AREGNET, the Arab World communications regulatory network.

  Source timesofoman
  Reference http://www.timesofoman.com/News/

Muscat: Broadband and voice service costs in Oman are amongst the most competitive in the region, according to an independent report issued by AREGNET, the Arab World communications regulatory network. 

The 2012 telecoms retail price benchmarking report for Arab countries, published in March 2013, details how high usage residential and business broadband packages in Oman are provided at the lowest cost in the region, while mobile broadband in the Sultanate is the second cheapest out of 22 countries surveyed. 

The study also shows that broadband in Oman in the 2 Mb/s to 8 Mb/s speed range is ranked most competitively priced in the region for both business and residential customers. The high rating shows that there has been a large drop in tariffs, as well as nearly twice as many service options since the 2010 report. 

The recent launch of 4G services in the Sultanate has further enhanced broadband competitiveness and taken communications in the country to the next level. This jump in technology took place after the report had been researched and is likely to see Oman scoring even higher in the 2013 results, which will be published next year.  

Speaking about the findings, Ross Cormack, Nawras CEO, said, "We are turbo-charging the entire network and offering customers the latest technology to enjoy even faster broadband speeds, wider coverage and greater quality of service. The launch of super-fast 4G, placed broadband in Oman alongside the technology standards of the world's leading countries and puts Nawras into the top 10 per cent of global operators to have introduced this service. Customers can be confident that they are enjoying world-class services with very competitive pricing, as this independent survey confirms."

The report shows that while speeds and data allowances offered by communications providers in Oman have increased, rates continued to drop. Operators in Oman now offer a broader range of plans that include low and high usage bundles and increased data allowances. It now costs less to get started, as well as less to use broadband services in Oman.

Further highlighting the progress made by operators in Oman, the Sultanate was recently ranked 32 out of 144 countries in the World Economic Forum's 2013 Global Competitiveness Report. Based on social and economic factors, the report states that Oman is progressing towards a knowledge and innovation driven economy, by putting in place a comprehensive and competitive communications industry.

This is recognised by the forum as one of the key drivers for economic growth. Providers in Oman have lowered costs and introduced the latest handsets and devices into the market, stimulating progress towards this goal.

Nawras is providing different services to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. 

The Network Turbocharging programme has delivered faster speeds, a richer experience, greater capacity and provided deeper indoor coverage, all without increasing costs. 

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