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Complete e-services by Ministry of Interior by year-end

Abu Dhabi By the end of this year, all services delivered by the Ministry of Interior will become e-services, a senior official said yesterday.


The ministry’s Smartphone platform provides an integrated comprehensive link to the ministry’s website through the Unified Login mechanism (username and password) to obtain services from any channel of electronic communication, said Major General Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al Raisi, Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police.

Users can register once using the Single Sign-On property directly on the website or through smart phones, and gain access to all ministry’s services.

Al Raisi underscored the importance of this e-transformation commensurate with the developments taking place in the Information Technology (IT) industry, so as to enable easy access of community members to these services wherever they are.

He said a Smart Application Center was established at the Ministry of Interior to handle all electronic procedures pertaining to these services, and respond to customers’ inquiries. This centre is operated by a highly qualified team of Emirati citizens.

Al Raisi added the ministry is steadily forging ahead towards achieving e-transformation as per the strategy set up for this end. “The ministry seeks to attain full automation of procedures, to enable customers to complete their transactions automatically with a single click on the smart applications without human intervention,” stated Al Raisi.

He added the ministry was planning to launch a new mechanism that would allow customers to complete their transactions periodically without having to apply for the required service.

“The services offered in the first phase would help save time and effort and time for citizens and residents alike. They include vehicle registration renewal, payment of fines through mobile phones and the Ministry of Interior’s website without having to visit the relevant service center. Work is currently underway to add the passport renewal service for mobile phones in the coming days, in addition to the 30 days (short term visits) and 90 days visit visas (long term visits) service, the domestic workers card and entry permit and other security services benefiting users in the state,” stated Major General Al Raisi.

Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim Hamad Al Hinai, Chairman of the E-transformation Executive Committee said the Ministry of Interior provides a number of channels of electronic communication, including the Interactive voice response (IVR) service on the number (8005000), the Interactive Messaging service on the number (*152#), the interactive Kiosk devices set up in commercial centers, mobile phones platforms and the Ministry of Interior’s website: www.moi.gov.ae.“Work is underway to put in place technical solutions to provide services to the public in their preferred locations without the need to visit the service center,” added Al Hinai.

He added the ministry was endeavoring to provide other interactive services such the GIS Mapping and the Mobile optional and automatic Tracking System which allows people to inform the Ministry of Interior of their location and whereabouts, if need be.

Lieutenant Mohammad Darwish Al Balouki, Head of the Technical Team of Electronic Services and Smart Applications said the Ministry of Interior was carrying out a total revamp in the way it delivers services to the public.

“It is also working on re-engineering procedures to keep pace with the requirements of smart services. The technical possibilities are countless and benefit from the unwavering support of the police leadership at the Ministry of Interior,” Al Balouki added.

He explained that the ministry will be streamlining the provision of services through mobile phones as per a set of steps and techniques that will be available in the coming months. “This e-transformation marks a historical milestone in the field of technical development over the coming years,” he said.In conclusion, Lieutenant Al Balouki noted that the Ministry of Interior will be launching 90 procedural services, 32 interactive services and 47 service request for the various sectors, namely; the Civil Defense; the police general headquarters; the Traffic and Licensing Departments; the Punitive and Correctional Establishments; as well as the immigration and naturalization services.

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