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Rent an iPad to keep high roaming rates at bay

Why carry your own iPads and incur the high roaming rates when you can rent it in the UAE for cheap.


A German-based company Tablet Office and Electronic Equipment Rental LLC has started offering this service in Dubai with 4G LTE (long term evolution) data package.

“Consumers can rent an iPad when booking a flight or hotel to Dubai. We will know exactly when the passenger arrives and our staff will be there to deliver the tablet at the airport or the hotel,” Alexander Klaus, Managing partner of Tablet Office & Electronic Equipment Rental LLC, told Gulf News.

He said tourists flock to Dubai and it is an ideal place to start the rental business as roaming charges are very high and lot of paper works have to be done to get a data package.

He said as businesses are looking for ways to cut expenses, renting is the best option and tourists cannot live without a tablet.

“We have a similar experience in Miami, London and Germany.”

The company charges Dh75 per day for iPad Mini and Dh90 for iPad Air, and is in talks with hotels, airlines and concierge services companies to ink an agreement.

He said that most of the rental cars and taxis in the UAE do not provide GPS system but our tablets have.

“We provide all the technical things like the 4G LTE data package with the tablet and the apps need to be on the tablet. We provide 25GB data package and end users can top-up if needed,” he said.

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