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Wataniya welcomes Ramadan with a bundle of social programs

As part of its responsibility to deliver its social and corporate duties during the holy month of Ramadan to Kuwait and its people, Wataniya Telecom has the pleasure in announcing its activities for the month of Ramadan 2009 in which it encompasses a diverse variety of activities ranging from charitable initiatives to sponsorships of different fields such as religious, athletic and television shows.

  Source Kuwait Times

Wataniya has been consistent since its establishment to offer its customers the exclusivity during the month of Ramadan and ensuring creativity to fit their needs. On its agenda, Wataniya is carrying out a number of exciting activities and delightful services to meet our customers' expectations during this month," said Abdulaziz Al-Balool, PR Manager at Wataniya Telecom.

In line with its social responsibility to the community in Kuwait, Wataniya's Iftar Saem" program is hosting a daily Iftar for 500 fasting Muslims in Kuwait, which comes out to 15,000 meals for the whole month for the poor and disadvantaged. Wataniya will be providing 500 packages of deliciously prepared food at the Al-Hawal Mosque located in the Industrial Shuwaikh area. Wataniya has precisely chosen this location to give out the meals because it is aware of the large number of laborers working in differe
nt facilities who are in need of aid and assistance.

In addition, and for the second consecutive year, Wataniya is distributing around 10,000 Quran CDs in all its outlets in Kuwait, in the voice of Sheikh Majed Al Anzi, the Imam at Al Kabeer Mosque. During last Ramadan Wataniya has chosen "Amma" section of the Quran to give out on CDs, meanwhile this year the choice was of "Tabarak." Sheikh Majed's recitation of the Quran excels in delivering the message in a smoother way to the listener and thus easier to memorize the verses of the Quran.

Reinforcing its continuous support for athleticism, and its enthusiasm for a healthier Kuwait; Wataniya will be holding its 10th soccer tournament. Teams will have the opportunity to register up to an hour before each game and then compete against each other. The tournament games will be aired live on Al-Adala TV. In addition to the excitement of watching the games, there will be a daily draw in which there will be awards and prizes given to the winners.

Aligned with the same target of advancing the athletic field in Kuwait, Wataniya has renewed its sponsorship for Al-Qadsiya and Al-Arabi Clubs. It has come to a successful renewal of the sponsorship for the second consecutive year in which Wataniya aims to be a major supporter and a motivational factor for both teams.

Standing as the platinum sponsor of the Ramadan Marina Mall tent, Wataniya will be present throughout Ramadan at the tent while offering its services and products for those interested in enjoying Ramadan tents' joyful atmosphere and social scene. Wataniya welcomes everyone in joining and discovering the latest and most exclusive services as well as the many Ramadan offers at the Marina Mall tent.

Last but not least, Wataniya's endeavors in enriching the viewer's experience takes place in the sponsorship of many TV programs during this Ramadan; "Shojoon" on Funoon TV and "Shari' Barhoom" on Flash TV in addition to other programs on KTV.

Al-Balool concluded, "Wataniya has chosen to be very diverse during the month of Ramadan in terms of programs and activities in order to allow our customers to enjoy every moment during the holy month. On behalf of Wataniya Telecom, I wish everyone a blessed Ramadan.

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