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IJMA3 Team Biographies and Pictures

Welcome to Ijma3 Team. Here you will find all the Biographies and Pictures of our staff.


                           Welcome to IJMA3 TEAM

Board of Directors

 Nizar Zakka,
Secretary General

Nizar Zakka is a Lebanese national, educated in the USA.  He graduated from Texas University in 1990 with dual degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics.  He subsequently served as a software consultant to Brown & Root based in Houston, Texas.  Following his return to Lebanon, he founded several ICT and e-business solution companies, and served as a consultant to numerous public and private sector ICT initiatives in Lebanon and the Middle East.  In 1996, Nizar joined the Professional Computer Association of Lebanon (PCA), www.pca.org.lb, which numbers 110 member companies drawn from the range of ICT-related industries in Lebanon, as a board member.  He led community based initiatives bridging the digital divide, and promoted the Lebanese ICT sector in domestic, regional and international markets.  In 2002, he was appointed for the position of the CEO in PCA being responsible for all business and community initiatives involving the Lebanese ICT industry.  In 2005, Mr. Zakka became the founder and Secretary General of the Union of the Arab ICT Associations (IJMA3).  IJMA3, www.ijma3.org, now counts for 16 regional members, thus forming the largest ICT network in the Middle East and North Africa.  In addition, Mr. Zakka was recently appointed as Vice-Chairman of the World IT Services Alliance (WITSA), www.witsa.org.  A consortium comprised of more than 72 ICT industry associations representing 90% of the world ICT market.


 Jalal Fawaz, Senior Advisor to the Secretary General

Jalal Fawaz was educated in Lebanon, receiving a BS in Electrical Engineering from the American University of Beirut.  After graduation, he initially served as a sales engineer for 3M, before establishing with colleagues from AUB the Arabian Electricity and Energy Company, an electrical trading and contracting firm active in Lebanon and West Africa.  Jalal went on to found the Automation & Computer Technologies (ACT), which is currently a leading IT systems integrator in Lebanon and the Middle East.  Jalal is currently Chairman of ACT Holding sal, including ACT, Arabia GIS - provider of GIS online services, Airas for insurance software solutions, and Webserv for software development.  Jalal also served as a founding member of the Professional Computer Association (PCA) of Lebanon and for several years served as its President.  He serves on the Advisory Board of the Ministerial ICT Committee of Lebanon and a member and eventually Vice-Chairman of the Arab Regional UN ICT Task Force.  He is still involved in academia, serving as a member of the AUB School of Engineering External Advisory Board, and received the AUB Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Distinguished Alumnus award in 2003.


 Akram M. Othman, Executive Assistant to the Secretary General for Research and Studies

Dr. Akram M. Othman was born in Baghdad in 1949 and has more than 30 years of professional experience in the ICT and academic fields.  Dr. Othman has completed over 19 professional case studies covering various aspects of the ICT field and has published numerous academic papers. While he is a renowned expert in the field of IT, he has also held senior posts in research and development for economic studies, science and technology as well as human resources capacity-building.  Dr. Othman has held several honorary positions on boards of various IT advancement institutions and is currently both a member of the Iraqi Science Academy (ISA) as well President of the Iraqi Computer Society (ICS).  Dr. Othman credentials involve a MSc from Baghdad University, a PhD in Computer Sciences from the University of Technology in Iraq and a BSc in Mathematical Sciences.

Lebanon Advisory Team

 Antoine Michel Boustani, Advisor to the Minister of Telecom, Lebanon


Program coordinator, is in charge of implementing the advisory/consultancy agreement between IJMA3 and the Lebanese Minister of Telecom

Antoine Michel Boustani was educated in the USA and Germany, graduating with a BS degree in Telecommunications, with a specialization in Biomedical Technologies.  He is currently overseeing IJMA3’s partnership with the Ministry of Telecom and acting as an advisor to the Minister.  He also serves as the General Manager of the Telec Company, active in the telecommunication and electric space, a technical advisor to various TV and radio companies, and an advisor to the National Audiovisual Council.  Previously, he has served as a Member of the Parliamentary Technical Committee to institute the new audiovisual law in Lebanon, a Technical Advisor to the Minister of Information and an Advisor to the National Audiovisual Council.  He has conducted extensive training and research projects around the world, namely in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Egypt, Cyprus, UK and USA among others.  He is an active lecturer and trainer in various seminars, workshops and exhibitions, and serves as an issue expert for international interviews

 Gabriel Deek, Senior Consultant, Lebanon

Gabriel Deek graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the `Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Beyrouth’ (ESIB) at St-Joseph University (USJ).  He currently serves as General Manager of OmniSystems, located in Beirut, Lebanon, and he is the President of the Professional Computer Association of Lebanon (PCA), www.pca.org.lb.  As the General Manager of OmniSystems, he leads a regional supplier with specialization in IT and Digital Media Solutions.  Regarding PCA, he administers a powerful ICT advocacy body which serves as the national voice of the IT industry.  He maintains strong connections with academia and currently serves as the coordinator of the IT section at the Institute de Gestion des Entreprises (IGE) of USJ, delivering courses on Negotiation Principals and Conflict Resolution, Sales Methodology for the ICT Market and Vertical Applications.  In June 2003, he was selected for the position of the National Expert in the World Summit Award of the UN World Summit on Information Society.  

IJMA3 ICT4D Management Staff

Salam Al Waili, Director of Programs


Salam Al Waili was born in Iraq. After graduating from the department of Computers and Software Engineering, University of Technology in Baghdad, in July 2002, Salam joined the compulsory military service in Iraq. During his service in the military, Salam worked as a Microsoft Office trainer teaching military officers about MS software programs in the Computers Military School of Baghdad. Following the toppling of Saddam’s regime, Salam worked with the US Marine Corps as a database manager and translator. In 2003, he also joined Mercy Corps Iraq and successfully served the expansion of the organization from various positions, especially through the position of the National ICT Coordinator from 2005 onwards. In July 2008, Salam joined IJMA3 as a Project Manager for the program in Syria. Salam is currently works as IJMA3 Director of ICT for Development.



Carole Chedid, Project Manager


Carole Chedid was born in Bong Mine, Liberia. After graduating from the Lebanese University with a BA degree in law, Carole completed her Master’s degree at La Sagesse University. She practiced law for several years before engaging in development work with local and international NGOs. In 2008, Carole joined the Lebanese Intellectual Property Association (LIPA) where she successfully managed and implemented the Lebanese Internal Security Forces “Cybercrime IP and IT Bureau” project. She then joined Relief International as Grants and Contracts Officer on the “Empowering Municipalities with Local Economic Development-EMLED” program till the end of this program in 2011. She was Grants Manager at Education Development Center (EDC) on the D-RASATI project till mid 2012 before joining IJMA3 as project manager in August of the same year.


Dolly Darrous, Finance Manager

Dolly Darrous was born in Damascus, Syria, she graduated from Damascus University Economic faculty having her BA in accounting. She worked in the Finance domain since graduating from the university, joined Nahhas enterprises group, then worked for Lufthansa the German  Airlines, worked in The Embassy Of Canada in Damascus, and as her willing to improve her knowledge, she had her Diploma in management from IPMA-UK, and finally joined IJMA3 to implement her experience of over 20 years in the Finance and accounting fields.


Joe Ghorayeb, Project Manager

Joe Ghorayeb was born in Ashrafieh, Beirut -Lebanon. After graduation from Antonine Sister Schools Roumieh, Joe attended the American University of Culture and Education in Beirut where he graduated with a BA degree in Business Administration. Prior to joining IJMA3, Joe began his career at Maintenance Management Group where he held the position of Contracts Administrator. In 2011, Joe joined Ray White International - Australian international Real Estate Company - to open and manage its office in Beirut as Property Management Director. Joe has applied his superior skills in management through several years of experience in a wide variety of business, also while working with regional and international companies.


Ranim Ghattas, Project and Admin Assistant

Ranim Ghattas graduated from the Lebanese International University (LIU)  on February, 2012 with a BS in Banking and Finance. She joined IJMA3 as her first full time job on December, 2012 as Project and Administrative Assistant. Through her experience at IJMA3, she has developed her administrative, and customer-related skills, learned to work as an integral member of a team. In her position at IJMA3, she actively take part in organizing national and regional workshops in Lebanon, whereby she assists in the logistical aspect. She also assists in coordinating with regional partners and ensuring IJMA3’s participation in various international projects and events such as I-SMART and WAVE. She is also responsible for the maintenance and daily content update (English and Arabic) of the website. 


Hanadi El Masri, Logistics Coordinator

Hanadi El Masri worked in the ME Airport Services division of Middle East Airlines (MEA) for seven years, serving as an Assistant to the Chairman.  In addition, she was performing tasks in public relations and passenger handling operations at the Beirut International Airport.  Hanadi began working for the Professional Computer Association (PCA) in 2004 as the assistant to the President, before making the move over to IJMA3 in early 2006 as the Procurement & Logistics Coordinator. Hanadi has a particular interest in Arabic literature.


Richard Johnson, Projects Consultant

Richard was born and raised in Baltimore, USA.  He graduated from Wake Forest University in North Carolina with a BA in Political Science and then obtained an MA in International Affairs from George Washington University in Washington, DC.  Richard retired from the US State Department in 2012 and served several tours in the Middle East.  His favorite posting was Beirut, where he became hooked on Lebanon and its wonderful people and vowed to return.  Richard moved to Lebanon permanently in May 2013.  He is working part-time with IJMA3, helping write and review its many reports and proposals and assisting in business development. Richard also works part-time with AMIDEAST teaching English.


Lina Harakeh, Project Manager Center for Excellence

Lina Harakeh was born in Bourj Al Barajneh, south of Beirut. After graduating from the Manor House Descartes High School, Lina attended LAU University in Beirut where she graduated with a BA degree in Biology & Chemistry.  Subsequently, she engaged herself in social work with international humanitarian organizations, managing activities to enhance the social development and community interaction within her birth location of Bourj Al Barajneh where her family has deep roots. In December 2006, she began as IJMA3's Manager of the CFE in Bourj Al Barajneh. Ever since, she is organizing community events and activities for strengthening bonds with the local population and keeping them up-to-date for the CFE programs and aims for increasing literacy levels in computer usage, social awareness and community interaction between Lebanese and Palestinians residents as well as promoting the benefits of the English language.

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